By knockout

“It is rare that you meet a perfect stranger in this world where they initially approach you to offer their services for fee, and they end up becoming your brother and best friend in shortly after. How does this happen you ask? It happens when the person approaching you is (Knockout Publicity CEO) Matt Yanofsky. I had a very specific mission in my life through professional boxing; use it to help fund a clinical trial to cure Spinal Cord Injuries. Matt heard my story, approached me and explained how he could help. What happened next was a miracle.

I met an individual where for no immediate reason he took my dream and made it his own. He has a fighter’s heart when he is working towards whatever he is passionate about. Hiring him as my publicist was one of the best choices I ever made in my entire life. I met a brother who shares the same goals and values as I do. He wants what I want as if it were his own. He works and works and does so at all times towards what I am passionate about. I believe he is the most underpaid member of the professional boxing world. I could not have made it anywhere close to this point in chasing my dream to bring awareness to Spinal Cord Injuries and raise funds if not for Matt. I nicknamed him “The Wolf” a few months back. The Wolf in the movie Pulp Fiction was a character called on to fix only the direst of situations as well as to make “it” happen when “it” needed to be done. Matt is my Wolf ride or die!”

Boyd Melson – 2008 Olympic Alternate, 2005 Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Charitable Figure, Public Speaker, West Point Grad and Army Reserve Officer

Del Valle returns April 9 vs Josh Crespo in New Hampshire

I first got in touch with Matt through a mutual contact in the sport of boxing. Shortly after speaking the first time, he attended one of my fights and we sat down to talk afterwards. Off the bat, I was impressed with how extremely professional, honest and straightforward in explaining what Knockout Publicity could do to help me. At the time, I was this young undefeated “hot prospect” but I was receiving no media attention, which is Matt’s specialty. Soon, Matt and I became friends and regularly kept in touch. There are very few people in this sport that take the time to ask about your family and such.

Fast forward a few years where my career had a few setbacks. I was unsure if I was going to continue boxing or walk away from the sport. After deciding to continue my career and linking up with a new promotional team, I knew it was time to step up the media efforts because without it, I’d be just another name people look right past. We started working together officially from a media standpoint in 2015 and Knockout Publicity has rescued my career. I am getting more interviews than ever, even when I’m not fighting, and my social media following has grown dramatically. I’m positive that Matt’s tireless efforts have played a big part in my current push back up the rankings towards my goal of winning a world title.

Luis Orlando Del Valle – 2004 National Golden Gloves Champion & Former NABA Featherweight Champion

“When a friend of mine was first getting started in this business as a teenager, he took a gamble on working with me and I took a gamble in trusting him being a part of my inner circle. Thankfully, it was worth it I would do it all again without a shadow of the doubt. My friend’s name is (Knockout Publicity CEO) Matt Yanofsky, who became more like a brother to me than just a business associate.

I was his first client when he ventured into boxing. His love and passion for the game is and always will be incredible. Matt more than proved himself to be the best at what he does and he was a big part of my crazy career. As somebody considered controversial, I understand it’s a very hard job for somebody to take a stand behind a fighter that did things on his terms, spoke his mind and wasn’t signed with a major promoter. Matt fought beside me through the ups and downs and he believed in me. That’s what kept me going so many times. Most importantly, I believed in him. Matt not just works for you, he works with you as if he were getting ready to step into the ring. That’s what truly differentiates him from the rest!

Bobby Gunn – Former I.B.A. cruiserweight champion, Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Famer and World Bare Knuckle Boxing Heavyweight Champion

“Matt is a very good worker easy to get along with. He’s significantly helped my events grow through his tireless efforts and connections in both the local and national media. Baltimore Boxing has also teamed up with many charities and Matt has gone above and beyond to make sure we’re doing as much as possible to assist whoever we are working with . He gets done what he says he is going to do I have enjoyed working with him for the last six or seven years.”

Jake Smith – CEO of Baltimore Boxing Promotions/Maryland & Washington DC Boxing Hall of Fame Promoter

“Knockout Publicity offers personalized attention, creative ideas and eloquent written material for all your public relations needs. Matt Yanofsky, owner and CEO, has been highly active in the boxing and MMA communities for quite some time. It is Matt’s knowledge, continued involvement and sheer dedication to combative sports that make his firm an asset to any promoter, manager or fighter looking to increase their media presence.”

– Brian Halquist Boxing & MMA Promoter – Brian Halquist Productions

“Matt has been an aid in getting my fans the information they needed in an efficient, timely matter. He is thorough in setting up interviews with media worldwide. Matt is clearly knowledgeable in the field of public relations and
I’m glad he’s part of my team.”

– Will Rosinsky – Super Middleweight contender

“Knockout Publicity thrives at being the best at what they do. The effort they put forth for the fighters they represent is evident in the handling of said fighters. Maintaining clients in great media coverage and on radio to get maximum exposure for his fighters. His talents do not stop there as (CEO) Matt (Yanofsky’s ability is) massive. Email and contact list spreads throughout the sport of boxing, he is able to ensure proper media popularity for his clients.”

– Nestor Gibbs – Tha Boxing Voice