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New York, NY (May 3, 2017) – Retired professional boxer, current public speaker, 2003 West Point graduate and Army Public Affairs Officer Boyd Melson announced he’ll run for Congress as a Moderate Democrat in 2018 for New York’s 11th District, covering Staten Island and South Brooklyn.

Born to a Jewish mother & Louisiana Creole father, Melson’s a lifelong New Yorker who’s dedicated most of his adult life to serving the public. The 35-year-old has resided in Manhattan, Brooklyn and White Plains. Melson also has close ties to Staten Island, where he currently runs free boxing clinics for men and women battling or recovering from addiction.

Following an outstanding amateur boxing career, Melson turned pro in 2010 with the sole intention of raising funds and awareness. Between donating 100% of his fight purses, private donations in his honor and charity galas, Melson, Co-Founder of Team Fight To Walk, helped raise more than $400,000 to help cure Chronic Spinal Cord Injuries, combat Staten Island’s drug epidemic and assist his childhood friend with a son battling brain cancer. He retired from boxing in 2016 with a 15-2-1 record, winning a World Boxing Council (WBC) United States Championship in 2015.

Upon the competition of his final professional fight, Promoter Lou DiBella said he’d never promoted a better man than Boyd Melson.

His unique mission through boxing was chronicled by The Huffington Post, ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, HBO Real Sports and The Wall Street Journal among many other media outlets.

As a public and motivational speaker, Melson’s addressed an array of audiences, many of which he spoke to pro bono. His audiences include attendees at New York’s 2017 Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Conference, elementary to college age students, Army Battalions, Army Corps level leadership, college sports teams, Fortune 500 companies and religious organizations. He also served as a mentor at Steve Harvey’s Youth Mentorship Camp in July 2016 and was a special guest at various charitable events in New York.

Currently serving our country through the US Army Reserves, literally fighting to raise funds and having traveled the country to assist and motivate others, Melson epitomizes the meaning of a public servant.

“I need to continue my service to this nation. I have a heavy task in front of me. I am committed. I have a tremendous fight in my spirit for what is right. I was born mixed with African, Irish, Native American, French, Dutch, Spanish, and I am Jewish. Perhaps I am a good example of one of the aspects as to why us American citizens are what makes us great- we the people. We combine our strengths. We are the best of all cultures. We are strong, and we do not allow ourselves to be seduced by fear. I understand that my decisions will hurt people, despite my intentions.”

“I understand that in the American citizens’ eyes, I will be the face in the district I am running in, that will be responsible for anything good or bad our government may cause in any of the constituents lives. This is why I will always be present. I focus on how many I still have hurting, not how many I have helped. I will be in the community, at events, highly visible, and highly accessible. My job will be to answer to you, the constituents I am responsible for. I am built for this, my life has prepared me. I will continue my willingness to be knocked down and get back up to keep fighting. I will inspire you to believe in my spirit. Fighters fight! I am a fighter. District 11 must know that I am ready to fight in their corner.”

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