Melson will speak in front of the White House as part of a peaceful march Saturday, September 16.

Melson will speak in front of the White House as part of a peaceful march Saturday, September 16.

Brooklyn, NY (September 15, 2017) – New York District 11 Congressional candidate and retired pro boxer Boyd Melson will participate in the March to Protect American Democracy Saturday, September 16 in Washington, DC.

The march is organized by 4DPAC, a registered political action committee working to elect leaders believing in the value of progressive American leadership. Under President Trump’s lead, many believe America is being compromised by questionable foreign relationships.

The goal of the march is to raise awareness about President Trump’s interest in Russian support during the 2016 election as well as a threat of Russia hacking elections in 2018. Earlier this year, US intelligence caught Russian military officials bragging about disrupting the election. 4DPAC’s March to Protect American Democracy is strictly for awareness and not intended to call for President Trump’s impeachment.

Prior to the march, Melson and five other congressional candidates with national security backgrounds will speak for five minute each. The speeches take place on Pennsylvania Ave, directly in front of the White House. All attendees will receive preprinted signs and small American flags. Following the speeches, 4DPAC President Jim Arkedis will lead a march to the Russian Ambassadors house.

“As a proud American serving this country in the Army Reserves, there are a number of things I’ve seen during the last year that raise red flags,” said Melson, a Captain (promotable) who was picked up for Major earlier this week. “I owe it to the entire borough of Staten Island and the people of South Brooklyn to ensure that I represent their interests and protect their democracy. It is my responsibility to ensure that they as Americans, have every aspect of their American democracy protected the way the rest of our nation’s democracy must be protected. I was reached out to specifically by 4DPAC to serve as a guest speaker at this event after they were told of my speaking abilities. I immediately said yes as this is a necessity for the district I am running for a congressional seat in as well as a necessity for our entire country. I do not flinch in the eye of danger. I fight back. I am a fighter.”