By Shakia Mayer of HudsonCountyTv.Com

Live.Love.Dance was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Lopez. The 501(c) (3) organization assists children in the United States and abroad who have been impacted by illness, abuse, and/or poverty. LIVE.LOVE.DANCE. is supported by donations, sponsorships, and items purchased on its website or in its mobile store. All of the profits go directly to the organization. Jonathan uses his DJ career to help the org; every time he is invited to play in a local city or country he travels to disadvantaged areas and provide toys, clothing, supplies, food, and other necessities to the children. As of now, he working as a one man show to ensure the success of LIVE.LOVE.DANCE., but is looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping the organization expand so that more deserving children can be helped please refer to the following link:!what-you-can-do.