Wallace returns to the ring Thursday, July 13 at Michael's Eighth Ave in Glen Burnie PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Greenhill

Wallace returns to the ring Thursday, July 13 at Michael’s Eighth Ave in Glen Burnie
PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Greenhill

This is it. Six days left until I get my redemption. July 13th at Michael’s Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie, it’s going down.

I took a different approach to training for this fight. I learned in my last fight, that I need to take control of the fight and of the outcome of the fight. Regardless of what my opponent is doing, I need to stay composed and in control. I’ve noticed something about myself, when I’m focused and motivated I have the ability to compete at a very high level. I’ve been sparring with two amazing fighters, one being veteran middleweight Jessie Nicklow (26-8-3, 8KOs) who has been in the ring with a lot of great fighters, and up-and-coming prospect Immanuwel Aleem (17-0-1, 10KOs) and he is one hell of a fighter.

Both of them have been helping me a lot with figuring out what I need to fix and work on if I want to get to the top of this division one day and compete. Honestly, after my last fight I was a bit hard on myself, and I felt like I let myself and a lot of people down, this hurt my motivation a bit at first and then it fueled my fire and passion to learn and get better at this sport.

I will be one of the best ever when it’s all said and done, and I know that is a bold bold statement, coming from a guy who has only 3 professional fights and coming off of a draw, but as you all will see in the weeks, months, and years to come, I’m going to back that statement up.

I don’t know who my opponent is for this next fight, and honestly I am not worried about it. I’m going to go in this fight and control it and impose my will from the very opening bell. I’ve decided to wear the same uniform that I wore in my last fight. It just feels right, like me and that outfit have something to prove, like we left something in the ring and we have to get back in there and reclaim it.

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