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Hughie Fury – 20-0 (10 KO’s)
Next Fight: October 29 vs TBD in Manchester, England



Baltimore Boxing
Next Fight Card: September 15 at Michael’s Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie, MD

Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson – 15-1-1 (4 KO’s)
Next Fight: TBD


Bryant “Goodfella” Perrella – 14-0 (13 KO’s)
Next Fight: TBD

Bobby Gunn

Bobby “The Celtic Warrior” Gunn – 21-6-1 (18 KO’s) in boxing & approximately 70-0 in BKB
Next Fight: TBD vs Shannon Ritch (BKB)

Gunn Jr

Bobby Gunn Jr. – 8-0 (6 KO’s)
Next Fight: TBD

Nick “Hands of Gold” Casal 23-4-1 (17 KO’s)
Next Fight: TBD

Joseph Elegele: 15-2 (11 KO’s)
Next Fight: TBD/td>
Del Valle

Luis “Orlandito” Del Valle 22-2 (16 KO’s)
Next Fight: August 27 in Bayonne, NJ vs TBD

Holden Tony Holden Productions
Next Fight Card: September 23 in Tulsa, OK on Showtime

Trey Lippe-Morrison
11-0 (11 KO’s) Next Fight: TBD

Mad Integrity
Mad Integrity Fight Sports
Next Fight Card: August 27 at the Bayfront Hilton in St. Petersburg, FL

Rite Hook RiteHookPromotions.com

Rite Hook Promotions
Next Fight Card: September 3 at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS/td>


HD Boxing
Next Fight Card: TBD

Maurice “Freight Train” Byarm 13-2-1 (9 KO’s)
Next Fight: TBD