A Week in Will’s World Part 3!

Posted: 18th December 2012 by knockout in Press Releases

Dear Friends, Fans, and Members of the Media,

Before I get into further detail about my training and fight with Otis Griffin, I must address the horrific event that took place in an elementary school in Connecticut. The Sandy Hook tragedy is something incomprehensible. Thinking that a school is a safe place is now a doubt in so many people’s minds. With my wife as a teacher, I get chills thinking about what the Sandy Hook staff and students went through that day.

I just want to let the community, school and relatives of the victims know that my heart and prayers goes out to them. Fighting on Wednesday I will have the victims of Hurricane Sandy (which will receive some of the proceeds from Wednesday’s card) along with those who were part of the Sandy Hook tragedy in my thoughts and close to my heart.

As I write to you 48 hours before entering the ring to do my job, a sense of serenity cruises through me. Since my training has been intense and my corner is knowledgeable and strong, I know I can take this time to relax my mind and body. Sparring with Danny Jacobs, Curtis Stevens, Santandar Silgado, Seanie Monaghan and 2012 US Olympian Marcus Browne has kept me well prepared and on my toes. They all bring something different stylistically and each fighter has really helped me in camp. I really appreciate their willingness to assist me for this fight and I’ve also done the same for them since all of my sparring partners fought recently or have an upcoming fight.

Some people may wonder if the wait time on fight night affects me, being that the main event fighters have to sit and wait longer than the other boxers competing that night. Although it may surprise you, my answer to that is no. This is due to how fights were scheduled during my extensive amateur career.

Fighting in a heavier class in the amateurs left me waiting often since the smaller guys got to compete first. At first, it was almost exhausting just being at the venue, being ready and having just to sit there and wait. Now that I have adjusted both mentally and physically, I find the wait good time to clear my mind and indulge conversation with my cornermen. Staying relaxed also comes from the people I surround myself with.
My head trainer Felipe Gomez, my strength and conditioning coach Mike Spiegel, my cut man Mike Rella and my beautiful wife Jessica, who seemingly everybody in boxing recognizes since she can be heard shouting instructions from the crowd, encompass my surroundings leading up to the opening bell. The same will take place as I approach my next bout.

On that note I want to thank you for following my fights, and hope to hear and see all of you this Wednesday night as I take on Otis Griffin at Roseland Ballroom.


Will “Power” Rosinsky
16-2 (9 KO’s)