A Week in Will’s World Part 2!

Posted: 12th December 2012 by knockout in Press Releases

Dear Friends, Fans and Members of the Media,

As fight night approaches, mixed feelings start to conjure. Unlike many fighters, calm seems to be one of my most prominent feelings. The reason is simple, I am definitely less anxious when fighting at home. I absolutely love the crowd. Their support and presence keeps me calm. There’s just something about fighting in New York that’s exhilarating but comforting. When I’m going into the final round, there isn’t much that can be compared to that energy from the crowd roaring and cheering their hearts out.

Looking back at the Pavlik fight, I’m grateful. Facing Pavlik was an opportunity that I couldn’t have passed up, even with the short notice. That fight was something that made me a better fighter in many aspects. I came into the biggest fight of my career with tons of pressure from the media, an unfamiliar crowd and fighting a top rated former world champ. I learned and will take that experience into every fight.

As far as my job is concerned, recently it has been slower than usual on my ambulance. The irony as I get closer to my fight. I had the common stomach aches, headaches, EDP’s (Emotionally Disturbed Person) and occasional car accidents, luckily with no serious injuries. On a brighter note, Monday (Dec 10) was my last day at work until after the fight. Now instead of going straight to work after the gym and running or doing sprints right after work, I get to relax a little in between. I look forward to really focusing on the fight, getting into beast mode and watching more tape on my upcoming opponent.

The Pacquiao-Marquez fight showed us once again that anything can happen in a great boxing match. With a draw to kick off the trilogy and then two debatable wins for Pacquiao, they felt a fourth would do this duo justice. And it seems to have done just that. One perfectly placed straight right can evidently end everything. I hope Pacquiao recovers from that both physically and mentally. He is a great fighter and I’m optimistic that he will make good decisions going forward with his career. Ultimately, he should enjoy all the money boxing has brought him.

With Christmas approaching I just want to acknowledge all my fans that are coming to support me next Wednesday. As I always say, the fans are much appreciated and a big component to my fight career. Knowing they are there to support, my goal is to always try my best to deliver a crowd pleasing fight. The fact that people are still willing to come out and support me even when holiday season is right around the corner shows the quality of people that are behind me. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing all of my fans and can’t wait for fight night.


Will Rosinsky
16-2 (9 KO’s)